I have always been fascinated by portraiture. To me a successful portrait has a presence. It has weight. The portrait evokes the emotional presence of the subject as well as the viewer. In my exploration, the defining goal is to create a portrait that becomes an experience to view. By using the familiarity of the face as the template, my process involves hand painting the developer in the darkroom, intentionally revealing specific, desired aspects of the face in the negative. Doing so creates a stark negative space that gives the portrait a lucidity. Instead of creating a realistic, straight from film portrait, I am more interested in exploring how the original image can be brought to the surface in alternative ways. The portraits embody their own unique strangeness. I enable the viewer to process impressions of a face, and of the shape of a head. I am comfortable with the viewer ultimately feeling uncomfortable. My job as an artist is to challenge the viewer. Make the viewer see differently, think differently, and most importantly, feel differently.


The body of work "Silver drips" are all hand-painted, one of a kind photographs that can also be considered paintings, conveived in a traditional black and white darkroom.  

The film used to create each negative varies between 35 mm and 120. For the desired result, a traditonal exposure and development is avoided. Instead, selectively revealed each portrait within the negative by hand painting the developer was done. 

The general information pertaining to each image is as follows:
Untitled, hand-painted gelatin silver print, one of a kind, 2011-2013

For more information about any of these pieces,  please contact me directly at: timothypakron@gmail.com



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